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About Cruise Control

Cruise Control - America's truly unique automotive talk radio show - continues to attract more and more listeners with its engaging format. This two-hour automotive magazine program is heard live every Saturday from 10 a.m. to Noon, Eastern Time, on national networks. Cruise Control is currently heard on numerous broadcast stations across the US as well as digital cable and internet affiliates.

Show Format

What makes Cruise Control different from every car-related show is its wide-ranging coverage of everything automotive. It includes new vehicle product information, automotive industry news, reviews of vehicles driven by the show's on-air team, motorsports updates, collector car information and, of course, listener questions answered by our own expert mechanic and restoration expert, Les Jackson.

Co-hosts Les Jackson and Fred Staab engage in lively discussions of automotive news of the week. Plus, you'll hear in-depth interviews with leading car industry executives, designers, engineers and product managers, who provide our listeners with detailed information that's often not available through other media outlets.

Recent selected guests include Billy F Gibbons of ZZ TOP, Hau Thai -Tang

Ford's Director of Advanced Product Creation and Special Vehicle Team (SVT),

Hunter Nickell, Executive V.P.of the Speed Channel, Bill Goldberg wrestler, tv

host and muscle car collector, Jay Mays, V.P. of Design for the Ford Motor

Company, Ernest Bastien Vice President of the vehicle operations group for

Toyota and Bob Cleveland fresh from his run on the Bonneville Salt flats on the

worlds fastest lawnmower!


Each week, listeners get a chance to answer automotive trivia questions and correct responses are rewarded with a prize provided by individual sponsors.


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