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Marketing Options

At Cruise Control Radio we offer a number of flexible and innovative Marketing Programs to communicate your message to our national audience that is targeted and ready to hear about automotive products and services.

Recently we developed a marketing campaign for Proctor and Gamble's "Mr. Clean Auto Dry" that included :30 second advertisements, a weekly feature segment and a mutli-week sweepstakes style contest. We have  sucessfully created  Cruise Control

sponsorship plans for  many companies including Michelin tires, Royal Purple

synthetic oil and Best Buy.

In a nutshell Cruise Control offers the following:

National Radio Coverage: We are carried on 3 syndicated networks. National, USA and Cable radio network. The feed is carried on the ABC starguide receiver, so it is technically available to many stations in the US. We now have over sixty broadcast affiliates with a presence in many major cities.

Cable Radio Network: Gives us wide coverage in southern California and several other states. The show is available to digital cable TV subscribers. CRN puts the number of subscribers that receive the feed at 4 million.

The Internet: Cruise Control radio is heard at several locations, making it available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Podcast: Cruise Control radio was the first major automotive show to utilize

new podcasting technology to reach a even more diverse audience. Episodes of

Cruise Control are available by podcast on a weekly basis.

Cruise Control offers many marketing plans such as segment sponsorship, advitorial features and contests to name just a few options. We would welcome the chance to speak with personally see how we can develop a marketing plan to meet your goal of presenting your product or service to our national audience. 

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